Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The mood of the team to me

"He just couldn't get over it, he tried to eat it in the wrapper and all. It was just wonderful to see him so happy."Homeschooled through eighth grade, Keys jumped into sports, gravitating to baseball and skateboarding early on before getting serious about basketball in the 10th grade at Millers Creek Christian School.There, his coach Wesley Golds saw something."My high school coach always believed in me and kept pushing me," Keys said. "During drills, he would make me do double the reps or twice as much. This means that you will have to replace (AT) and (DOT) from email addresses before you use them. Apologies to anyone who has been affected. Phil Crofts. "I'm proud of our franchise," Ruskowski said. "What we've done in four years, making the playoffs every year and showing a lot of pride and ability, the fans seem to acknowledge that and come out more and more. We just want to get better and better and I think this year is going to be exciting.". 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